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Fiesta food court aims at bringing the best in grilled finger foods and on-the-go Chinese food. Situated in Fiesta Mall, at the commercial centre of Surulere in the heart of Lagos, an area buzzing with both the corporate folk who have their offices situated there and the fun lovers who have the cinemas, lounges and clubs close by.  In a nutshell it has the perfect blend of different consumer segmentations any business would desire.

The food court consists of 3 outlets, the flagship being Mr Chow’s, offering a slightly wide variety of chinese food anytime of the day for quick takeout. The second being Fiesta Grill, offering grilled finger foods ranging from small chops to soulfully spiced chicken and fish. The third being The Big Dog, bringing a new delicacy to the Lagos on-the-go menu, hotdogs. As the name implies, really big ones. An exciting mix of different aroma’s coming to Surulere if you ask us.

The Challenge

When we were approached by the partners behind Fiesta Food Court, all they knew was that their food court was going to take Surulere by storm. Little did they know that we would help them invade that area with a brand that would disintegrate the minds of the masses. Our challenge was to take their vision and make it bigger than they could ever imagine.  They required brand identities for the 3 outlets as well as space aesthetics.

Situated in Fiesta Mall, at the commercial centre of Surulere in the heart of Lagos with a perfect blend of different customer segmentations.

The Solution

Mr Chow's

We infused the key element that chinese food is known for, the chopsticks into the icon while applying the right strokes to the logotype to give it an enhanced oriental feel. Using bright shades of red and yellow with a warm shade of off-white as it’s primary colors while making use of Avenir as it’s brand fonts.

For the restaurant frontage, we made predominant use of the off-white color with imagery of the different paraphernalia associated with chinese culinary.

Fiesta Grill

We made use of deep shades of brown, red and orange for the logo while combining it with illustrations of a grill fork, spatula and other grill elements as icons, used dominantly in the brand assets.

The primary colors are also seen in use in the frontage of the grill and signages, as well as different images of their menu offerings.

Big Dog

They needed an identity that was simple and would perfectly represent an on-the-go food brand. We combined deep shades of red and yellow while employing an illustration of a hot dog (without a bun), with the outlines of the illustration forming the text Big Dog.

Big dog was going to be sold from a stand outdoors facing the road, we made use of strong imagery on the sides of the stands to give it a very eye-catchy appearance such that passerby’s wouldn’t resist stopping by to get one.

We delivered 3 unique brands, infusing key elements that carefully passed across each brand’s message.

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